5 comic characters who could benefit from being a minimalist

Time for a declutter in the Marvel and DC universes. Here are 5 comic characters who would benefit from slow living.


Once more for the cheap seats – if you don’t have visitors, it isn’t a museum!

Listen, Kal, I know you like your Kryptonian artifacts and statues, but the Fortress is a mess. If it’s a museum, you have to make it more welcoming than to lock the door with a key no one can pick up. Right now it’s more like the world’s biggest man cave.


The utility belt is the epitome of ‘just in case.’ Shark repellent? Sure it came in handy once, but how many miles did Batman carry it and not use it. And a more multi-purpose repellent would take up the same space and work on more than just toothy fish.

And the Batcave. If I thought the Fortress was cluttered, it has nothing on the musty underground storage room that Bruce keeps. Seriously, Bruce, a giant penny? How many hours does Alfred spend a year keeping that from oxidizing in the moisture of the cave?

The Collector/Brainiac

Same impulse, different universes. These guys wander the galaxy accumulating like mad men. Brainiac is so fixated on having a unique collection that he has even been known to destroy the odd world after taking a piece.

Uatu The Watcher

Minimalism is not just about Things, it’s also about attention. And Uatu is the original social media creeper. He watches but never comments. He keeps notes on everyone’s behavior while never engaging. Nothing is too small for the Watcher to be snooping on, he even spent all the issues of What If..? looking at alternate worlds! He’s nosey. And he’s judgey.