the motion of minimalism

As I work through my minimalism journey and share my musings on this blog and on Youtube, I am struck by the sometimes surprising effort of simplifying.

Make no mistake, heading down a road of massively altering how you shop, manage money, spend your time, and measure value is a tremendous effort.

An object in motion stays in motion until another force acts against it. Staying on that road of unintentional time, shopping as a hobby, and keeping up with the Joneses, is the easy path. Shifting your life to break out, challenging yourself to live only by your own standards, that is a powerful effort.

I am asked about simplifying quite often and sometimes the exchange can lead to humorous interactions. One of the most frequent questions is how to sell items they want to declutter. Unfortunately, the answer for many Things (books, dvds, single issue comics) is that the options are usually limited to Kijiji/Craigslist, donation, or recycling.

More than one person, when offered these choices, has told me they “might as well keep them.”

Which is definitely the easy path. That path has no resistance.

Keep on keeping on with those Things, despite admitting they add no value to your life.

Keep on moving them from house to house.

Keep on renting them space in your life and home.

Keep on stepping over them.

Keep on buying new storage containers for them.

Keep on cataloging and categorizing and collating and cursing.

Stay in motion, even if you admit you don’t like the direction.

Having gotten much closer to the end of the purging part of this journey, I continue to challenge myself. I bought four new t-shirts this week.

Did I immediately need them? (no)

Would they be better than four shirts I currently own? (yes)

Did I think the purchase over carefully? (yes, I watched the website for four months for the best selection and price)

In spare moments, I still find myself looking around my now-much-reduced Things and questioning each one. Chipping away a book here, a bit of dvd over-packaging there. Taking time away from social media or other distractions to read and rejuvenate.

An object at rest stays at rest, though. So minimalism is the force that sets me off in a new, but more intentional, direction.