g'kar bust from babylon 5 in a minimalist household

Pride of Place

Many years ago I lived in a house with a roommate. My roommate had a friend over who happened to pass my room when I wasn’t home. “I didn’t know you had a kid,” he said. He had mistaken my action figure collection for the room of a child. Rattled my cage, to be certain. I started rethinking the quality of my collection.

Out went super-hero action figures, in came statues. Certainly higher quality and not mistaken for toys, they still lack something for me. I think it is that they breed more statues.

One statue is a statement on something you love, given pride of place.

Eight statues is a pile of stuff.

I have continued to minimize a lot of statues and figures. Clearing the way so the ones that bring me the most joy can shine.

One statue not leaving is the bust of G’Kar from Babylon 5. I love this item.

There are two connections for me here. Babylon 5 is my favorite show ever (as you can see from my mega-viewing-fest).

The other is that it cost $50. But not just any $50.

One of the last times I visited my grandfather it was in a retirement home. He slipped me a $50 as I was leaving and said it was for a few birthdays he had missed along the way. It was such an old-fashioned and sweet gesture that I decided I would buy one thing with that $50 that I was unlikely to buy myself and it ended up being this bust.

My grandfather wasn’t a sci-fi fan or anything. He barely watched TV and only owned one for the rare occasion that he watched a hockey game. I’m not even sure he owned a colour TV in his life. I got this one thing because I knew it would stay in my collection no matter what.

One item becomes more present while another exits.

And so it goes.

Time to remember what is treasure and what is not.


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