adam hughes zatanna bust and sketch

The slippery slope of non-intentional spending – tale of a picture frame

Having reduced and minimized and decluttered and whatever-other-buzzword my home over the past year, I am now in a plateau phase. Taking stock, enjoying the space.

It is also a time of making sure I am best caring for and displaying the Things that I am continuing to have. Dust sleeves for my vinyl, re-purposing a bin for the Lego, and properly displaying the art.

One of the pieces I quite enjoy is a quick sketch by Adam Hughes of Zatanna to match a small statue (also signed and based on Hughes’ design). But it isn’t in a frame that honors it. Off to Dollarama!

Here’s where it all went wrong.

Wifey and I love the Dollarama (it is a chain of dollar stores that is particularly well organized and presentable). They also have inexpensive picture frames, which would solve my display dilemma.

I had thought through the purchase. I decided there was value in having the art displayed well. I had moved toward making the purchase.

I had not measured the picture.

So I guessed.

And guessed wrong.

Now I have a frame with no picture, and a picture with an unflattering frame. Not even square one.

Obviously this purchase was not going to provide bliss in my life, it was a small change to a small part of my home. My life was fine before, and I am still managing to get by even though the frame has still not been replaced.

The point of this little parable isn’t that I spent two dollars fifty on the wrong item. It is that we guess all the time.

“That shirt should fit, I don’t have to try it on.”

“I don’t think I bought that dvd already, but it’s only a few dollars if I’m wrong.”

“Maybe my cousin would like it.”

Those guesses add up. If not in money, in the time to return the unneeded item.

A dollar-store picture frame purchased in error will not break my budget, but perhaps it will save me money later by reminding me that a bit more care and patience would have saved me the trouble.