Ambitious Unhappiness

“I had a sort of ambitious unhappiness.” – actress Heather Graham on why she pursued acting as a teenager

A lot of people are unhappy. But not everyone is driven to end that unhappiness.

Listening to a podcast interview with Heather Graham, the phrase she turned, “ambitious unhappiness,” stuck with me.

Here I am not referring to depression or a clinical concern, but rather I mean simple discontent or unease.

We fall into patterns. We accept a level of discontent. That’s ‘just the way it goes.’

But many do not. Questioning our own status quo, we push ourselves and we push the world around us. Make the world conform to us and not vice versa.

The biggest leaps I’ve made in my life weren’t when things were good, they were when I was pushed past the point I would accept and into the unhappiness that motivated me to change my world.

As the man said, “may we never be content.”