Better with less (“Why?” Part 2)

In my last post, I focused on my Why. This time out, I want to share the notes I made when I asked myself the question posed by The Minimalists – “How would your life be better with less?”

I am more focused on my future than I ever have been. I am starting to see a picture of where I will be in 10 years. And when I picture that  ideal future, most of these Things aren’t there.

Jotting down notes of how my life would be better with less, I found they all fit into 4 broad categories – My First Principles, benefits in the present, benefits in the future, and financial advantages.

I could, and very well might, write an entire post about each item on this list.

First Principles

  • Reduce selfishness
  • Practice making better choices
  • Support creators more effectively
  • Be more in the moment
  • Create more

The Present

  • Less content guilt
  • Calmer space
  • Better choices
  • Appreciate what I have more
  • Not settle for so-so
  • Less clutter
  • Less being judged

The Future

  • Freedom for more choices
  • Less to move
  • Less for Wifey to deal with
  • Could downsize
  • Open to new things


  • Lower debt – not paying to owe
  • Digital final format reduces rebuying
  • Safety net – by paying no interest charges
  • Encourage using free services – library, apps
  • Spend less on what I hope I’ll like

You can’t win the Things Game except by conceding.

-Keith Callbeck