book donation drop off

clutter is selfish

One of the drives that really started getting Things out the door was the realization that it was very selfish to hang onto them.

Since I do not think of myself as a selfish person, I can only reconcile this by letting go.

If I’m not using a Thing, and others would, it is inherently selfish to keep control of that Thing.

I use “control” quite specifically here.

If, for example, you are holding onto a book for a theoretical later use or to give it to a hypothetical “right person,” you are exerting control over who can get value out of it.

You are attempting to control the destiny of that book. Grasping on like Gollum to something that is adding no value and is costing you time and space.

Let the book go. And let it land in whomever’s hand it will.

Maybe that destiny is to gather dust on the shelf of a used bookstore. Perhaps to go unread in the home of a book hoarder.

But maybe, just maybe, that destiny is to get picked up for $1 by an inquisitive teen who will forever remember it as the book that changed their life.

Let that object continue to travel through the world without you.

Let go.