Cover of the comic book Misha by Dolan and Callbeck

Coming soon: Misha, a comic book about bears and boxers

My first comic book in 24 years is done! The artwork was uploaded to the printers and we’ll have copies in our hands in a few days.

The oneshot story, called Misha, began as a single image that came to me in a dream. I took the idea to my friend Jillian Dolan and she loved the idea. We talked through what the story could be that led to the final page. She kept adding elements and what started as a 6-7 page creative outlet grew and grew into a full standalone piece.

Misha is the story of a retired Soviet-era boxer, who is living a lonely life in a frozen small town in Russia when he is called to be a hero one more time. Also it has lots of bears in it.

The comic will first be available at the Panel One Comic Creator Festival on May 26, 2018. Worldwide digital release will follow soon after. Check back here for details.