Decluttering the kitchen storage room

A bit of a different post today. Last weekend Wifey and I finally got to a project we’ve had on the list since my decluttering and minimizing began. The kitchen storage room.

It is half pantry/half storage/half cleaning supplies/half gadget room. If at math seems a bit off, you aren’t wrong.

This tiny room was packed.

The first step of any effective purge is to get the Things out of their natural habitat. It is far to easy to “leave things be” if you leave them be. Only by putting everything into a new space can you properly judge if it should be kept or discarded.

It took almost a half hour to empty out this 5×3 closet and stack everything on and around the kitchen table.

The storage closet had become a bit of a junk room. The proximity to our outside space means it is the best place for Things we are going to use on our deck – spare chair, insect repellent, BBQ supplies, etc.

It is also where the vacuum lives so the other cleaning supplies congregated there. Add in a silly amount of seldom-if-never used kitchen gadgets, and it was plenty crowded.

And jars. So. Many. Jars.

We use some of these jars to store our spices and such, but we always seemed to have more empty than we needed. Just in case we get interested in more spices, I suppose. The strainer-type object in the lower left is a steamer for our rice maker. I’ve had one of these for every rice maker I’ve ever own. I’ve never used on. And yet here is it years after I got this rice maker, just waiting to fulfil it’s destiny.

That destiny is the recycling depot, which I hope can process it.

The blender is a bit over-sized for just the two of us and was long since replaced by a *insert brand name that is related to the JFK assassination* blender.

Next to the that you can see a tiney-tiny slow cooker that literally came packaged for free with our full-sized cooker. It is meant for dips, I think. I say I think because it has been used for nothing at all. That went to the donate pile.

Some of these got kept, most did not. The extra place mats were donated, as was the coffee maker. The coffee grinder came out of storage to go with my new French press. Time to get back to good coffee after too long of drip and pod coffee.

Lightbulbs went to the utility room (where they will hang out with the other bulbs I bought when I couldn’t find these).

The black pass is actually the storage bags that came with each of our pots and pans. Why? In what universe am I going to pack up the pots and pans I use every day into special drawstring bags. I literally used these bags to pack *around* the pots when we last moved. Binned.

The candles are the insect-repellent kind, and the kind we both forgot we ever bought. They are getting a temporary stay of execution to see if we use them over the summer. If we haven’t used any, all of them will hit the bricks.

This one. This one just bugs me. It’s a food processor that I used a couple of times a year to make biscuits. That’s it. That is the only thing that it was ever used for in the 10 years we’ve owned it.

Two or three changable blades are included. I never used any of them.

It gets worse.

About two years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. See those flecks that are a pain to get clean? That’s white flour. Flour that is essentially poison to me.

The device that only I used, that would literally make me ill to reuse, has been in storage that whole time.


(after I do my best to get that flour off)

With the bulk of it handled, that left just some basic clutter like extra boxes, a ton of superfluous accessories for that little blender, and leftover party supplies.

What returned to the storage room was a tidy, functional amount that we can now access easily. Opening the door to that storage room is now a calm endeavour because our eyes will go immediately to what she needs instead of searching.

That’s it for now. I’m starting to look toward doing some videos to go along with the written work on this site and the next decluttering projects are likely to go that direction.

Thanks for reading.