There is a crack in everything

But have you tried *not* liking it?

There is an entire sub-genre of youtube videos and websites that I call “but have you tried *not* liking it?”

“Everything wrong with X in 87 minutes”, “How X should have ended,” and “The Editing Room” are just a few examples of a nit-picking stream of our current popular culture.

These videos and blogs pick apart popular films, focusing on any misstep and ignoring anything done well.

I’ll admit having read/watched these until a few years ago. Then I started to question the value.

Will my enjoyment or appreciation possibly be increased by this sort of pedantic and sarcastic fault finding? Or is it loss only?

At best, I was spending extra time thinking about movies I didn’t enjoy to start with.

At worst, I was contributing to a segment of pop culture that seems obsessed with finding fault. Finding way to enjoy everything less.

Once they get consistent eyeball traffic, the creators of these series have to focus all of their energies and attention on what is flawed with a piece of art instead of what it achieved. And invent those flaws if necessary.

Imagine how those who create these videos and articles experience a film.

They sit down in the theater with a notepad headed “every frame of this movie I can be sarcastic about.”

Now ask yourself if that’s what you want put into your head.