Layering on monthly challenges – #SummerofNew continues

It has been fun to continue the Summer Of New experiment. Wifey joined in and we are seeing the PVR and Netflix queue reduce, and our enjoyment increase.

After years of accumulation, I have no physical to-read pile of books or comics. And the digital piles are also being chipped away. As well, we are taking this opportunity to try some new shows and reading material.

But there’s a problem:

It’s not hard enough.

As far as experiments go, I’m not learning enough about myself. It’s fun to nudge myself and give myself an excuse to try new things, but it’s not transformative.

With that in mind, I’ve layered on some extra experiments and changes:

  • installed Moment – an app that tracks cell phone use including what apps you use, for how long, and how many times you check your phone.
  • no pokemon – I uninstalled it for August. What kept me playing was the low level of devoted time the game required. It had small steps that could mostly be done while I was doing other things. Also it encouraged me to go for longer walks. However the new legendary aspect of the game encourages more standing-around-waiting and devoted time.
  • food sensitivity test – Wifey and I did food sensitivity testing last week and are going to cut down/eliminate some foods that came up. Though I remain skeptical, it is interesting as an experiment. My life should not be dramatically altered by removing dairy for a month, but it will be fascinating to me if it is.
  • finish the ebay store – Ahead of a comic book show in September, I had always planned to wrap up my eBay auctions in August. The last round was a dud with only 1 of 9 items heading out the door. Closing up my online sales also means I can work on the next stages of rearranging the Booster Cave.
  • more videos and more writing – I booked off a week and a half to focus time on preparing for the September sale purging and creating more content for this site. I have been successful in publishing content every Wednesday and Saturday (videos are now Saturday) and want to start working ahead.

Pushing myself in some new directions, trying new experiments.

It’s the Summer Of New. What are you doing about it?