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Learning for me

In the era of social media, it seems more challenging than ever to do things just for you.

We take photos to show where we are rather than just be there.

We tweet every good deed rather than focus on its own value.

We Instagram every meal rather than simply enjoy the moment.

As I learn new ideas and research new concepts, I find myself compelled to share them to social media. That’s the habit now, to ‘report’ to your ‘followers’ on everything you do.

Increasingly, I do not share these experiences and learnings. I have been on a learning project for over a year that I have never mentioned to anyone (though it is just the sort of thing for which social media would provide plenty of positive reinforcement).

My commitment has to return to me. I studied for seven years and earned two degrees purely for my own love of learning (and also so I can ‘humble brag’ that I have two degrees).

The inherent comparisons one draws on social media are also a hurdle for me. For many, social media can be a way to connect with people from around the world who have diverse interests and find a sense of belonging. But, increasingly, I’m finding social media a lonelier place. Those I used to communicate with regularly no longer have common interests, and the idea of starting new connections sounds exhausting.

This became increasingly clear as I become interested again in the book Fahrenheit 451. My mind was racing with the themes and implications. But looking for someone to share these thoughts with, I came up empty.

As my values have changed, the disconnect seems to be increasing. The passive connections on social media are falling rapidly in value, while those deeper friendships are becoming more precious to me.

And so I need to return to learning for me. Diving deep into a topic because it fires my brain and energizes me.

If there is one truth that I keep returning to in my minimalism journey, it is this – “I am always enough.”