how many socks do you see in this minimalist sock drawer?

How many different socks do you see in this over-flowing sock drawer?

I’ll give you a hint, it’s the most minimalist sock drawer you’ve ever seen.

The answer:


Several years ago I was folding laundry, sorting out the pile of socks, lamenting a rogue white sock that somehow never seemed to pair up. Then I had an idea.

“What if I just never do this again?”

I went to a local retailer and bought 2 bags of reasonably-priced, reasonable-quality socks. 10 pairs of identical white socks, 10 pairs of identical black socks.

I trashed the mismatched pairs, donated the unworn pairs, and filled the drawer with my new foot warmers.

In six years, I have not:

  • lost a sock (for they are all lone socks)
  • spent a second matching socks
  • thought about socks

Laundry time is a simple matter of a pile of white socks and a pile of black socks. Done and done.