lights at night

My memory is already in the cloud

It’s 3 am and I am looking for an actress’ name.


Maria? B?

Movie trivia was a super power for me. I could go into a bit of a trance and pull out the resume of anyone I had seen in any movie, even bit parts and non-speaking roles.

The first time I used the internet was to use the Internet Movie Datebase literally to settle a bet. A friend who was a computer science major did not believe some obscure actor in a background role had been in some other movie I mentioned so he hit the dial up and showed me the first useful thing I had heard the world wide web could do.


No, I’m sure it’s a B.


I have no unloaded that knowledge and I’m not always sure I like that.

I’m reliant on external sources. I suppose it is natural. But we are all increasingly devaluing “experts” and raising up those who can google the fastest and discern the quality sources.

I had some fun in a group of people recently talking about the definition of a sandwich. A surprisingly energetic conversation as people suddenly realise they have an opinion, and that if you do not agree the point must be argued. Is a sub a sandwich? How about a pita? A burrito?

The best part of the conversation is that there is no solid answer. You can not just google it. It was quite refreshing to not play duelling-Wikipedia-sources and just have a laugh talking it through.

As I write, the internet is down. And that elusive name is still beyond my typing.

Catherine. Yes, I’m sure it’s Catherine.

She was in Spectre, you’d think I’d remember that.