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Minimalists are not going to throw away your comics

The most interesting reaction to talking about minimalism with my peers is their immediate defense of their favorite “things.”

“But I reread my Superman comics all the time.”

“I treasure my complete Daredevil run.”

“My jawa collection brings me joy every day.”

(That last one might be me).

All of those statements are true. And that is terrific! But you are digging your heels in against minimalism with the exact premise that should make minimalism appealing.

If Superman brings you the most joy, minimize your never-reread Batman collection. They are only taking up time, space, and effort. How many times have you moved those longboxes full of Brave & The Bold looking for the Batman/Superman run you really want to dive into?

If rewatching Sense8 always seems to take precedence over finally getting into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, remove Buffy from your queue and get back to binging!

Minimalism is about what brings you value and joy. For some that is never watching a film twice. For others it is watching King Kong vs Godzilla every Arbor Day.

Those queues, piles of unread trades, and recommendations from friends can leave us with guilt, frustration, and a feeling like we have to defend what we are spending our time on.

“I keep meaning to watch The Wire, but I have to finish this rewatch of every episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. It has been slow because I only like maybe half of them.”

Geek minimalism is tricky, but it’s also how we focus on what is really bringing us joy and removing what is momentum.

Remove Arrow from your PVR settings if you are 10 episodes behind.

Cancel your pullist hold on that Avengers comic if you don’t like the new artist.

If you didn’t dig season 5 to 9 of Dexter, only rewatch 1 to 4.

Every minute you recoup from the “it’s ok” is a minute you have for “I keep meaning to try this!”

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