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digital minimalist – why you can’t subscribe to my newsletter

When I was launching this site, I considered the e-blast component (or whatever the kids are calling it today). The value is, of course, that I can send it on to folks so they know when new content is posted.

But did it fit my goals? Not really. How can I pitch digital minimalism and clutter up people’s inboxes at the same time?

In the end I decided that Facebook and Twitter would have to be enough. Also, keeping a regular schedule of Wednesday and Saturday content (which I have been able to do so far).

Having just deleted the third notification about the latest podcast by some Minimal gentlemen you might have heard of, I was reminded of why I went the route I went.

The multiple hits aren’t their fault. I am a patreon supporter so that doubles up many of their messages. Time to follow my own advice and …


Click that button every time you see it. If you are like I was, you have a lot of non-spam junk mail hitting your inbox. Store sales offers, blog updates, mailing lists, school donation asks. Many you will delete unread. Starting hitting that unsubscribe button until your inbox is a quiet and serene place.

Just a note, it is often recommended that you not hit unsubscribe on true spam. Spammers have been known to treat that as a way to confirm the email is live and being monitored, a green flag to send even more spam. That’s what your junk mail button is for.

Sometimes… Subscribe

There are definitely times you should subscribe.

The primary one is to save yourself time and attention elsewhere. Many blogs have a subscribe function which will remind you of new content, thus saving you the time (and possible disappointment) of visiting the site and not seeing anything new.

That said, most blogs also update at regular intervals. If the blog, (for example this one) updates regularly (for ex every Wednesday and Saturday, like this one) then you can set up your own low-attention reminder to check at the appropriate times.

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