The Summer of New – Geek Minimalist Experiment

Back in the days before PVR and iTunes, people would sometimes miss episodes of their favourite shows and have to wait to catch the reruns in the summer.

(I almost feel like I have to explain reruns to my younger readers. These days reruns are mostly replace by 2-hour blocks of Big Bang Theory and summer-run reality shows)

In 1998, NBC aired a promotional campaign with my favourite marketing tag of all time.

Though seen by cynics as a network trying to spin a lack of new content, I saw it as a reminder that new is not automatically better. If I discover a music group from 30 years ago and it brings me joy to experience their songs for the first time, is that lesser than the latest album from someone else?

With that in mind, I am kicking off a minimalist summer experiment.

The Summer of New

For July and August, Wifey and I are going to watch and read only content we have never experienced before. She will put aside her bi-annual watching of 300, and I will wait to do that full reread of Strangers in Paradise I’ve had in mind.

Come along for the ride, and share on social media what new discoveries you make. #SummerOfNew

I find value in revisiting content I’ve experienced before. Sometimes to catch nuance I missed before, or simply for the feeling of comfort from my fandoms.

But every rewatched episode of Twin Peaks puts me one episode back in the new season of Twin Peaks I haven’t seen yet!

All of those shows and books I keep meaning to find the time for will move up. The warmth of the Star Wars trilogy can wait for fall.

6 thoughts on “The Summer of New – Geek Minimalist Experiment

  1. This is great! Funnily enough I was going to watch the original Twin Peaks because I haven’t watch it before. Haha
    Different restaurants. Different activities with friends. Different media content. I recently asked friends for Podcasts they listen to and enjoy. #summerofnew

  2. After reading your bio I’ll add that I’m also from Calgary and my book that’s out of the norm for me that I’m currently reading this month is “What is the Bible” by Rob Bell. I don’t typically read religious books but find context and history about the bible every interesting.

  3. I also rewatched it before the new season started 🙂 Wanted it fresh in my mind.

    As for Podcasts, some of my favourites are The Minimalists (of course), TED Radio Hour, Planet Money, Meditation Minis, and We Must Remember This.

  4. This is a fantastic idea! I don’t watch a lot of TV at all, so just about everything would be new to me. That does give me inspiration for books, though.

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