post-minimalist: what to start after you ended so much

A year of minimizing, decluttering, simplifying, and being more intentional. My Things reduced by more than 50%, and more set aside to go on the next sale day. My personal debt reduced by 70%. My space quieter. My mind quieter.

Which leaves a nagging question.

What now?

After a year of changing my habits and my lifestyle, I find that the minimalism space is offering diminishing returns. I unsubscribed from The Minimalists podcast (I can do their talking points by heart now) and the decluttering books all boil down to the same messages.

I think I need a post-graduate level of minimalism talk.

A wonderful exception to this downcycle is Cait Flanders excellent new book “The Year of Less.”¬†Going deeper than “turn your clothes hangers around in January!,” Cait really digs into the benefits that reducing brought to her life. And how intentional living helped her get through some very tough times.

I think that’s what is missing for me right now. Spending some time with myself to see the benefits that this process has brought. My finances are in great shape, my long-term plans are looking more realistic, and my confidence is high.

Time to stop working on the required classes of minimalism and start working on a Phd in slow living.