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The 8 reasons I loved Sense8

Your life is either defined by the system, or by the way you defy the system.

– Nomi, Sense8

I watched the whole second season of Sense8 while on holiday in Greece. It was wonderful to snuggle up with Wifey in the quiet of our hotel room after a day of adventures. Phones off, hands held. Enjoying my favourite show.

I was crushed a few weeks later when Sense8 was cancelled. Unfortunately, I’m quite used to shows I love ending before their time. My tastes do not follow the mainstream, and an experimental work that reaches for something new has an uphill battle.

Saying goodbye is hard, so I choose to celebrate what was instead. Here are the eight things I loved most about Sense8.

  1. Heroism – The heroism of the common person in quiet moments. They stand up for each other and reach out to help.
  2. Community – These eight people have radically different backgrounds and experiences, but they find friendship and common purpose. As different as they are, that difference defines them and protects them.
  3. Connection – We all desire connection and it is decidedly rare in our world now. It seems harder and harder to know one another. Social media opens more connection but it is increasingly shallow. Connections are broken easily over the smallest slights, and so we hide who we really are.
  4. No secrets – The sensorium can withhold truths from each other, but they cannot effectively lie to one another, at least not for long. They see each other in alone moments. When they are afraid. Or happy. Or lonely. All the times we do not want someone watching.
  5. Friendship – I love the care they have for one another. Reaching out with a thought. Being there in joy and pain. Never giving up on each other.
  6. Acceptance – They understand the hopes, dreams, and struggles. We are all seeking meaning and fearful of others controlling our destiny. Nomi may be distrustful of police for example, but Will is not a faceless “them,” he’s a real person with weakness and strengths.
  7. Be yourself– Be your nature. Will is a cop and he doesn’t stop being a cop even when he’s on the run. Sun is a fighter. Nomi is a woman who always has more courage than she thinks. Denying who you are is a cage. The story of Sense8 is escaping to the freedom of your tribe.
  8. “What’s Up” – The turning point of the first season as the characters and the viewers get a compact and moving depiction of how the connection works and the potential it holds.

Thanks for every minute.

And I pray. I pray every single day. For a revolution.

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