Social Media Sabbatical

I got a notification recently that I’ve been on Facebook for 10 years. It reminded me how ubiquitous social media has become in that time.

It also reminded that me that I have not taken a complete break from social media in a decade.

Yes, there have been some ebbs and flows. A few days here and there. Sometimes only checking in once a day. And months at a time not viewing the Twitter newsfeed.

But never going fully dark.

Fear of missing out, mixed with a fear that no one will miss me.

The stream of social media carries on without us. People move in and out and the flow distracts us from their absence.

As I headed off on vacation, I deleted the apps from my phone. There is wi-fi so I chose to remove the temptation entirely.

New blogs are posted Wednesday and Saturday so check in and share.

Be here now.