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Starting the #SummerOfNew experiment

After a last rereading binge, kicked off the Summer of New today! For the next two months, I will not be rereading any books or comics, nor rewatching any films or TV series.

It has been interesting getting reactions to this experiment. For the geeky, there is a bristling. Like I am forbidding them from seeing close friends for the summer.

From others (usually the non-fandom folk), there is a blank look. They do not rewatch or reread. Films are absorbed once then discarded. And at a book or two a year, rereading never enters the realm of possibility.

As always, the truth is probably a middle path. Moving on from the so-so in favour of new experience. Reminder becomes tradition becomes habit becomes chore. And all of it is time you could be spending on the next thing you will love instead of the past thing you quite liked.

Wifey and I are jumping in with both feet. Opening up the Netflix queue and trying something out of the ordinary. I am curious to keep track over the summer of how many new stories we hear, new art works we experience.

It’s the Summer of New. Throw off your mental chains.