Where are you storing your eclipse glasses?

The morning of the eclipse, I regretted not picking up a pair of eclipse glasses.

Being disconnected from news channels and social media, I was late to the game on the eclipse. The rarity of the experience was lost on me.

Luckily a co-worker had a pair of glasses and I was able to see the spectacle. It was a wonderful moment to experience.

I teased my friend – “You know the resale value of those glasses is peaking right now? In an hour they are worthless.”

Which is a bit of ┬álesson for anything we buy. It can be incredibly valuable one moment and worthless the next. And that’s ok. Many Things in our lives are meant for a time and then are meant to be let go.

Baby clothes, plaid overshirts, mystery novels. When the utility has passed, put them back into the world.

Just like the moon passing in front of the sun, Things move on.

And trying to hold on when that time is gone is just like the moment after the eclipse. When you are just staring at the sun.