the project

Prioritize or minimize: decluttering our fantasy self & The Project


The new buzz phrase in slow living is “your fantasy self.” The idea that we all create these versions of ourselves we wish we would be at some nameless future day. I wrote about something similar in my blog on the Autobiography of Stuff.

A close cousin to the Fantasy Self is The Project.

We all have them. From the big (learning a new language), to the small (making MP3s from that indie band’s compact disc you bought at their show in 96).

The Project is just about to happen. You promise. Any day now. That’s when you’ll finally use that sweater pattern (right after you learn to knit, of course). That’s when you’ll make that scrap book (forgetting that you minimized all your photos six months ago). That’s when… That’s when..

Much like the Fantasy Self, The Project ties to an imagined version of ourselves. The person we’ll be after we do The Project. But if we desired to be the person we would be during The Project, it would not still be undone, would it?

It’s time to put up or shut up.

Prioritize or minimize.

Make a list of The Projects that you have outstanding and put a time on it. You’ve made it all the way to today without that cd from 1996, either put in the time or bin it.

Instead of pretending you will someday learn to knit, drop by a local craft market and support an artisan who loves to knit! They love being the person actually doing The Project already.