the museum of me

Collecting can be a juggernaut of stuff.

You start with one thing. A stuffed penguin maybe. You love it. It brings you joy.

You get a second penguin, this time ceramic. Then you keep a restaurant place mat because it has a cute penguin.

Now you collect penguin Things.

And the first, second, and eighth person who sees that penguin collection knows just what to get you for Christmas.

More penguins.

Many minimalists won’t take the risk. The Minimalists wrote several posts about the hazards and dubious value of collecting.

I came across another who said “the difference between hoarding and collecting is a display case.”

I choose to walk the line of collecting. Carefully studying if I am collecting or merely accumulating.

When I hear “a collection,” the image I get is a museum or a library.

Museums are a great metaphor for minimalism. Think about what defines a museum. A museum is curated, careful, thoughtful, focused, intentional.

These are words that don’t describe most homes, but they do describe a minimalist home.

Museums collect, but they don’t do it haphazardly. There are parameters to what the museum values, what is of historical note in its specific category. And then it doesn’t even display all of these, it displays a careful representative selection.

This can be applied to my own space. Ensuring that the Things I choose to express myself and my fandoms are not just anything related to those fandoms, they are a representative selection.

The Museum of Me.


2 thoughts on “the museum of me

  1. I dig this post. You made a good point in how a museum carefully selects what to display. I collect comics and have recently made the decision to be intentional in my collection.

  2. Best of luck with your more intentional collection! It’s a challenge to focus on what I will really be rereading over and over vs what I just want to read once. A lot of trips to the library instead of the comic store this year.

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