The only minimalist blog telling you it’s ok to buy on Black Friday

I’m writing this as fast as I can because my computer is failing fast.

I’ve kept this PC running for 7 years, but it and I both know its time has come. Glitches, 15-minute startup, memory fragmentation, a cursor that is as likely to move a file as open it.

So on Black Friday I’m going to do what every minimalist blog this week is telling you not to do – I’m going to purchase.

But I’m not shopping on Black Friday, I am purchasing on Black Friday. I started shopping months ago.

On Black Friday, we should absolutely be ensuring we don’t

make impulse buys
buy 3 for the price of 2 when we only wanted one
spend more than we have
buy based on the discount sign instead of the price tag

But every day of the year we should be looking for the deals. Being intentional means being careful.

Any item I’m considering buying this week, I have tracked its price for weeks or months. When I shop around for the right computer for my needs this weekend, it will be armed with months of research and with the money sitting in my account that has been put aside for this.

I shouldn’t pass up getting more bang for my buck on the pretense of “fighting the system.”

The system does not care.

There’s a consumer born every minute, as the saying goes. It is “consumer,” right? Or something similar.

Sometimes these “deals” are not deals at all. They nudge up the price so they can mark it 30% OFF! for the weekend. That’s where the research came in. Many times I’ve found that the pre-Christmas regular price is lower than the post-Christmas “blow out” price.

So, the other bloggers are right. Don’t shop on Black Friday. But if you planned ahead, it might be the right time to purchase.

Or the right time to walk away until the price is right.

Because it always will be right. Sooner or later. Somewhere down the road.