minimalism comes to a book shelf

The pressure of an empty shelf

During my purge/minimizing I often shuffled my stuff around to get it unstuck in my mind as “a collection.”

My bookshelves, recently literally over-flowing, started having spaces.

And then the light broke through the wall of stuff and there it was.

An empty shelf.

The desire and temptation to fill that shelf was immense. I had put space at such a premium in my office that it seemed obscene to leave a whole shelf not serving a purpose.

So I gave it a purpose.

Dust catcher.

I intentionally left the shelf open so it could be a reminder of things to come.

Space. Clarity. Openness.


What would that shelf hold? A treasured object that has been lost in the noise? A new spot for my new interest in records?

That shelf became a symbol of my plan and journey.

Removing the clutter to get to a place I had room for something new to enter.

Sometimes you have to make your life like an empty shelf. When a space opens up, don’t rush to fill it.

Let the dust settle first.