Too many voices in my head

There are too many voices in my head.

Too many opinions and hot takes and memes and reviews and take downs.

Too many passing thoughts that others have posted that now sit inside the palace that should be my mind.

I’ve cared too much for too long about the thoughts of others.

Not friends, family, coworkers, or those who are invested in me as much as I in them. But strangers. Tweeters, bloggers, commenters.

Two years ago I saw the film Batman v Superman and liked it. But, to be honest, the voices of those who hated it are stuck in my head like the cast of Mystery Science Theatre. Making watching the film a critical experience shared with my invention of how these folks would react. When I want to be transported, I am mired by the thoughts of others I have allowed to creep into my head.

They didn’t creep, really. I invited them in with a follow, or indirectly by following someone who RT’d them. Or by clicking on their Think Piece. Or by wandering too close to them at a party..

Like the background hiss of an old speaker, their pedantic hatred is still there. Ever present.

As I look critically at my social media use, I am annoyed at myself for the amount of head space I’ve sublet to others.

Eviction notices are printed, but no one will be getting back their damage deposits.